Many Thanks

“Glide FX was contracted to shoot our son’s wedding ceremony and reception. We were expecting a video record of the ceremony and the party afterwards. We were completely unprepared for the spectacular presentation and expert editing that this project received. From start to finish our son’s wedding came alive and was super entertaining for anyone to watch. We have shown the DVD to many of our friends and they have all commented on the high quality and shear entertainment of the video. We are pleased to write a 100% positive review of Glide FX and give them our highest recommendation.”
– Eddie & Rita Kemp

“During my run for the coveted title of Miss California USA, as Miss Central Coast, all 218 contestants were asked to create a video to promote our local titles as we compete for state. These videos were also used as a way for the public to view and vote for a contestant to receive the “People’s Choice Award”. After working with Kurt to produce my promotional video I received great recognition and praise for the creativity, delivery, and quaility of my video. The best thing about having more than just a picture, is being able to capture not only the memory but the emotion for that stage of my life and being able to enjoy the same feeling years later.”
– Tommy Lynn Loyd

“Gina and I just got the video back from the wedding…Verrrry cool. We’re extremely pleased with it. If you haven’t made a decision on a videographer yet or even if you have, I definitely recommend Kurt Jensen of Glide FX. This may sound like a commercial, but I really can’t recommend Kurt highly enough. If there’s one thing we appreciated, looking back at the decisions we made about our wedding vendors, is that we spent a little more to reserve ones with reliable track records and whose standards were high in terms of their products and services. On the wedding day those decisions translated into Gina and I being able to relax and enjoy ourselves much more than I think we otherwise might have.”
– Clay & Gina Watkins


“Thank you so much for doing such a GREAT job on our wedding video!  We absolutely loved the DVD.  We really appreciate your last minute acceptance to do our wedding and you were surely the smartest choice we made.

Your camera work was beyond professional.  We were amazed at how you were always in the right place at the right time, always thinking ahead without missing a beat.  Your concentration level and decision making was perfect.  You were great to work with, very personable yet discreet.

We’ll definitely refer you to whomever we can.  Your prices were excellent and you have an awesome talent that should be taken advantage of by others.”
– Vanessa and Luis Orapeza


“Kurt, we are so HAPPY with our wedding video!  It was one of the last decisions we made, whether or not to have our big day on video and we are so glad we decided to do it.  You got terrific shots throughout the night and put them together in a way that captured the true beauty of our ceremony and celebration.  You were barely noticeable throughout the event yet captured all of the essential shots.  In watching the footage, it was so nice to see everything that happened while we were off doing other things.  The video really brought the entire night together for us and every time we watch it we can’t stop smiling.

Your work is extremely thorough, from the beautiful case that the DVD came in to the timely delivery of the finished product.  You were an absolute pleasure to work with due to your extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism.  We will certainly pass your name onto all of our friends and family.  Hiring you was absolutely one of the best decisions we made in the planning of our wedding day.  Thank you again for doing such a fantastic job!”
– Jessica and Trevor Glavin


“We are extremely happy with how you captured our wedding day!  We just can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job you did as our wedding videographer in May.  From the very beginning of the DVD, it looks like we are watching a major movie.  We’re also the only people we know who have their wedding in HD!  The colors are so vibrant and clear and the music you chose enhanced the video beautifully.  It was also a wonderful surprise to see some of the pictures from the photographer built into the DVD.

Before our wedding day I was a little concerned that the Steadicam might be distracting but you fit right into the scenery so well that you went virtually unnoticed.  You got so many perfect shots and your Steadicam made the movements so smooth.

We would be happy to share our experience with any potential clients and please feel free to show our DVD as an example of your work.  Thank you so much for helping us to remember our wedding day so beautifully and for creating a keepsake we will always cherish.”
– Chris and Mallory Crosby


“I just wanted to let you know how completely pleased we are with our DVD.  You captured all the beauty and flavor of our wedding and put the most wonderful music to fit.  Not only do we have the events that occurred that day but you captured the fun and excitement of us and the guests in such a flattering way.  What we wanted most out of the day was documented for us to remember for the rest of our lives.  There were even things that one or the other of us didn’t know happened and were revealed when watching the DVD for the first time.

We have viewed the DVD several times, sharing it with friends and family.  Everyone felt the same way we did.  The quality and style of the DVD were exceptional.  I also appreciated the fact that, for the most part, I really didn’t even notice you shooting.  Of course were knew you were there, but you were very unobtrusive and also worked very well with our photographer Susy.

Originally when I told John I wanted a videographer, he scoffed at the idea and the expense.  Then, Marcy recommended you and I viewed the samples on your website and decided to override him on this issue.  Now, John is as much a believer as I was about the necessity of having a wedding DVD.  You made a believer out of him!

I will highly recommend you to anyone else who has doubts.  I know that us being in Washington leaves us out of “word of mouth” advertising but if anyone wants to contact me I’d be happy to talk with them.”
– Erin O’Shaughnessy


“Kurt, we cannot express the gratitude we have for your brilliantly created DVD. From the exterior of the DVD itself, to the photographs you used, to the music that so perfectly matched our day and who we are. You literally made our wedding into a major motion picture!  The quality and thoughtfulness presented in your DVD will transcend through time to allow our children and grandchildren to see our wedding day as if they experienced it themselves. There are so many details and moments you captured that we did not realize took place until we saw your DVD for the first time. My grandmother passed away just a few short months after the wedding, to see her and hear her on this DVD gives my entire family joy in a very difficult time.  Your creation gave us a priceless gift, the chance to relive our wedding day anytime we choose. We keep the DVD with our most precious items because it is the most valued thing we own. Thank you for capturing our day with little guidance from us and for giving us a gift grander than we could have ever imagined.”
– Krystal and Marcus Ruddy


“Kurt I am AMAZED at your work!  My wedding video is my most prized possession.  You are truly talented.  You made my day feel so magical.  I love being able to relive it.  I didn’t even realize how much of my own wedding I had actually missed until I saw your video.

I love being able to watch Ryan’s face while I walk down the aisle.  I love that you captured my Grandfather dancing with me, my parents dancing with each other, my baby cousins…  Whenever I looked over and saw something unforgettable you were right there shooting it.  You didn’t miss a thing and I never had to worry.

It is indescribable how much emotion is captured in the video.  It’s one thing to see a picture of your first dance, but a totally different thing to watch it, hear the music, see the smiles and just relive the whole moment.  I wish I had a video like this of my Grandparents wedding day.

I am so thankful that I hired you to capture the most important day of my life.  You did an incredible job.  Everyone should have a video like this to remember their special day forever.”
– Kira Armstrong


“Thank you very much for capturing special moments on video for our wedding day.  We are VERY pleased with the video.  How you were able to get everything at almost every second is amazing.  We will definitely refer you to family and friends.  Once again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Kurt and Glide FX.”
– Reggie and Michelle Salinas


“…Rose and I are greatly indebted for all you did on our wedding video.”
– Jason & Rose Stewart


“Kurt’s service was wonderful. Our family found him to be non-invasive and so very cooperative. Kurt did a beautiful job of our only daughter’s wedding and we highly recommend his videography.”
– Steffany Lear


“I wanted to thank you again for capturing our memories in such a wonderful way.  We loved our video.  It was amazing how you were able to capture so much while remaining so unobtrusive.  Our video was wonderful and we hope you understand how thankful we are.”
– Pepe and Erin Marin


“Jim and I wanted to thank you for being a part of our special day. You are a very creative person Kurt and we loved the look of the finished video.”
– Jim & Denise Callanchini


“We loved your work on our wedding video. You were the smartest choice we made.  You were great to work with, personable and very discreet. Your prices were excellent for something we’ll treasure forever. Definitely worth it!”
– Jeff & Suzanne Borkowski


“Danny and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on our wedding video.  You captured so many touching moments throughout our special day and we will treasure the DVD forever!  You exceeded our expectations and we’ll be recommending you to everyone we know.”
– Kymm and Danny Warner


“Thanks again for the wonderful job…everyone was impressed.”
– Carol Adams


“Robert and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job on our wedding video. We appreciate your professionalism and are thrilled with our video!”
– Robert & Marcy Farino


“We just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on our wedding day.  You are a great guy and you were so sweet to everyone.  Thank you again for everything.”
– Ken and Stacy Gould


“Our guests made several comments about enjoying watching you work as you blended in so well. Thank you for being such a key part of our day….we are both very pleased.”
– Kristin Lewis


“I wanted to tell you how much fun I had working with you on the training video. You are an incredible person Kurt and FMc and I truly appreciate you!”
– Theresa Schultz – Director of Employee Development – F. McLintocks Steak House


“My graduation party was one of the greatest days of my life and I was so glad you were there. Your video was superb…awesome work Kurt!”
– Chris Johnson


“Thank you SO much for doing such a great job on our wedding video! Your camera work was beyond professional. We were amazed at how you were always in the right place at the right time, always thinking ahead without missing a beat. Your concentration level and decision making was perfect! Thank you for a video filled with so much joy and laughter. We absolutely love it and we will treasure it always!!!”
– John & Cathy


“Thanks for the great work on the Mullahey shoot. I look forward to more Steadicam projects together.”
– Maite Reps – Commercial Production – Barnett Cox & Associates


“We were so happy we found you…we really appreciate your last minute acceptance of our wedding. We’ll certainly refer you to whomever we can. You have an awesome talent that should be taken advantage of by others.”
– David & Christy Gabler


“Kurt, we were very impressed with your professionalism. You were right on time and did a fantastic job of blending in with our guests…not being overly obvious, which my husband and I appreciated. You did a superb job with our video and we will recommend you to anyone looking for the best in a videographer.”
– Jay & Laura Freeman


“Thanks for coming all the way to Miami from LA to help on our Mandarin Oriental shoot.  Mike has “a guy” for everything and he tells me that you are IT.  Anyone who gets his respect has ours.  Thanks for all the extra effort!”
– Ian and Donna Newman


“I have known Kurt for 10 years as a videographer and am amazed at what he can do with his Steadicam.  The way the video flows is a remarkable talent that only he has among the videographers of the Central Coast Wedding Professionals (CCWP).  It takes a lot to impress me and Kurt has accomplished this.”
– Alex Caballero – Caballero Video Productions